The Truth of Genesis: The Evil and Ignorance of Gentile Christianity – Part 5 of 7

The Truth of Genesis: The Evil and Ignorance of Gentile Christianity - Part 5 of 7

At the point when Yeshua's blood dribbled upon the West finish of the Arc, alongside the cover being torn in the Temple, this gave all of humankind admittance to absolution of sins, and individual admittance to the lofty position of Yehovah. This likewise made the way for gentiles to be "joined in", so they additionally might be essential for the restored agreement with Israel. Yet, salvation is of the Jews first, and the gentiles should track with inside the Hebrew boundaries. Yeshua will dismiss all precepts "made up" by gentiles. For example, Catholicism, Protestantism, and all others started by gentiles. The (main) method of salvation is what the Apostles of Yeshua taught in the book of Acts. Principles of salvation got from (a misconception of) the epistles, how to join the illuminati online by gentiles, are all in blunder.

The multi week service of Yeshua was not yet finished, as was uncovered to Daniel. From the date that Yeshua was purified through water (Sunday February 16, 27 AD), to the flood of the Holy Ghost (Sunday June 20, 28 AD), was 490 days or seventy weeks, not 3½ years as abhorrent gentiles have instructed. That is one more place of the (evil) misleading principles began by Catholicism (Eusebius of Caesarea). Yeshua (Yehovah) satisfied the four Spring moadim (designated seasons) of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits while on Earth, and stayed on Earth forty days after the First Fruits.

Ten days after Yehovah rose back to Heaven in His new "Celebrated" presence, He sent down His (Holy) "Apparition" upon the Temple Mount, with the Spirit uttering a discernible sound. Similarly as Yehovah was a consuming fire on top of Mt. Sinai, cloven tongues of fire sat on every one of the 120 supporters in the "place of supplication" of the Temple. Precisely as Israel was given "another tongue" at Mt. Sinai, every one of the 120 talked in tongues upon the Temple Mount. This finished the fourth moadim, which was called Pentecost.

In this way, the underlying foundations of Christianity started in 2181 BC, when Abraham was going to kill Isaac as a penance, at a similar co-ordinates on Mt. Moriah that Yeshua would be killed 2, after 208 years. The "substitution" smash had its head trapped in a brush, and Yeshua had His head punctured with a crown of thistles. In 1598 BC, with the Exodus from Egypt, the Passover sheep were picked on the 10th day of the new month (and year, Exodus 12:2). On the fourteenth day, the sheep were cooked in the early evening, and their blood was placed on the entryway posts, else the principal brought into the world in the family would bite the dust. After nightfall that evening, Israel ate unleavened bread (bread made carelessly) and the sheep, as the demise heavenly messenger went all through Egypt. The First Fruits offering was deferred until Israel could have the Promised Land.

Israel was "submersed" (mikvahed) as they went through the primary body of the Red Sea (not the Gulf of Aqaba). Fifty days in the wake of leaving Egypt, Yehovah yelled down His charges from Mt. Sinai, providing Israel with the new dialect of Hebrew, which they didn't have up to that point. This was the start of the four Spring feasts given to Israel, and satisfied by Yeshua.

To remember the yelling down of the edicts, the principal day of the seventh month (Tishri) was doled out as the Day of Trumpets. It's the day that "no man knows", until the primary bit of the reestablished Moon is found in the place where there is Israel. Since the Moon's cycle is 29.53+ days, we don't have any idea when the main fragment will be noticeable. Assuming there is overcast cover on the 29th day, and the normal Moon shouldn't be visible, to default the 30th day (since the last restored Moon) is appointed as the main day of the new month. On the 10th day of Tishri, is the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). The fifteenth day (the day that Yeshua was brought into the world in a sukkah) through the twenty-first, is the moadim of Tabernacles. The twenty-second day (when Yeshua was circumcised) is designated "the Last Great Day". Yeshua will satisfy those three Fall feasts upon His next two appearances. That is what's going on with the book of Revelations.

Since the 1800's, the misleading tenets of a pre-affliction joy has been instructed by abhorrent and oblivious men, disregarding the expressions of Jesus and Paul. This is the way things will go. To begin with, the Temple will be revamped in Jerusalem. Anticipate that it should start in July 2015, between dusk on the 25th, and twilight the 26th, 2015. This starts the 3½ year "gentle" hardship. Close to the Temple's fulfillment, about July third (or fourth) 2017, the secret Arc of the Covenant will be removed from stowing away and uncovered to people in general, and be set into the sanctuary, for the Jubilee year of Israel. I'm speculating that the counter Christ will be uncovered in 2018, likely around the hour of the Feast of Dedication (Lights). This is the point at which the "monster", the man of wrongdoing, will announce himself to be "god". This starts the 3½ year "fantastic" adversity.

The counter Christ in the Bible, I accept will be who the Muslims will call "Al Mahdi". He should be a hero to the Muslims, by conquering all oppressors, and carrying equity and harmony to join the world. It sounds to me like the Illuminati (Jesuits) will get the show on the road, and the Beast will later overwhelm them and the world. The misleading prophet in the Bible (Revelation) would likewise be a Muslim, named "Isa", claiming to be a Jew. I figure his motivation is mislead the world into believing that Jesus is subordinate to the Beast. Both of these underhanded characters would be engaged by Satan, making their insubordinate stand on the Temple Mount (2 Thessalonians 2:3), misdirecting and killing humanity, and swearing against Yehovah.

In second Thess. 2:3, it says "Let no man misdirect you using any and all means: for that day will not come, besides there come a falling endlessly first, and that man of wrongdoing be uncovered, the child of condemnation;". The King James Version mistranslates the words where they determined "falling endlessly". The right interpretation is "besides there come the defiant stand first, and that man of wrongdoing be uncovered,". The counter Christ should initially proclaim himself as "god", which is after the Ark of the Covenant is spread the word for people in general. Thusly it is ludicrous to believe that there is a "pre" affliction joy.

Enoch, and Elijah will teach against the counter Christ. They are the two observers, which descend from Heaven about the time that the counter Christ profanes the Temple. They are the main two that were taken to Heaven, and have not passed on a human demise yet. After they finish their declaration (the second 3 ½ years), the counter Christ will actually want to kill them, and they will lie dead in the road unburied for three days and a half. My speculation (and I intend to actually say "surmise") is that after 3½ days, the two observers will emerge from the dead in Jerusalem on the Day of Trumpets (reestablished Moon locating, the very beginning of Tishri), and rise to Heaven to give their report to the High Priest (Yeshua). For each recharged Moon locating, two observers should show up before the devout minister, and affirm their locating of the lower bow of the Moon to make the beginning of the new month official.

Just right now, after the two observers return to Heaven, does the holy messenger with the seventh trumpet blow, and the eighth and last trumpet (for the delight) presently can't seem to sound. After the seventh trumpet, at some obscure time of hours or weeks, Yeshua will show up with His heavenly messengers overhead to kill the militaries of the counter Christ that are gathered at Armageddon with blades from His mouth. The counter Christ and his misleading prophet will be quick to be projected into the Lake of Fire. Satan will be headed for a very long time, in the abyss (Rev 20:1-3).

Just now will the dead in Christ be raised, and the holy people changed from mortal, to eternality, AT THE LAST TRUMPET (first Corinth. 15:52)!!. There are seven trumpets that will blow before the eighth and last trumpet blows. There is no "pre" or "mid" adversity bliss. That large number of that believe that they will be removed from the Earth before things get awful are mixed up, and will be caught off-guard by the real world. This is the means by which Jesus portrayed it, and how Paul composed it, and how John uncovered it. These other jackleg evangelists instructing in any case are liars. Understand Matt. 24 and Rev. 19, then analyze.

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